Spoga 2022 Invitation
18 June 2022

Domus Ventures would like to extend our warmest invitation to our valued customers to Spoga 2022 where we showcase our new distinctive outdoor furniture collections.
Your attendance would be highly appreciated and we wish to see you there!

Continental Upholstery Fabric
18 June 2022

Introducing a high-quality Continental upholstery fabric, that is equipped with “cool colors” technology to reduce heating of the surface in direct sunlight.

Surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight can build up considerable heat, especially for dark colors. Continental upholstery fabric has special color pigments to ward-off heat. The color pigments of “cool colors” synthetics offers the optimal solution by remit up to 80% of the radiation in the near infrared range of sunlight and reduce the heating of the surface by up to 25%. This resulted in improved sitting comfort and prolong the life of the materials.

Continental “cool colors” fabric is awarded at Interzum 2013 for its new innovation and outstanding function.

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